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Tool steel trade
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    steel trade
  • Cold and hot
    work steel
  • Wide range of round
    section bars
    and flats on stock

About Us GIMM srl.

About us

GIMM SRL has been in tool steel trade business since 2009.

Over the years it has specialized in cold and hot work steel and maintains a wide range of round section bars and flats on stock.

GIMM SRL is also able to address specific necessities of its customers by supplying them with non standard sizes within very short delivery times.

The Company's untiring search for new customers in order to take a better foothold on the market and offer better prices has led GIMM SRL to increase its imports in terms of grades and tonnage and ultimately extend into new sectors of industry.

The versatility of our young company has made it possible for GIMM SRL to gain respect of its customers both for the quality of its product and the service it punctually delivers.

In its growth over the years the company has substantially improved its logistics, technical and commercial expertise. GIMM's commercial network makes it possible for GIMM to promote and sell its variety of tool steel grades from its catalogue to numerous customers all over Italy.

GIMM is hopeful to cooperate with your company in order to improve and grow together.



Our Products


DWR 1.2080 - X210Cr12

Acciaio ledeburitico al cromo, si caratterizza per l’ottima resistenza all’usura, elevata durezza, facilita il trattamento termico. Buona elettroerodibilità sino a sezioni di 80 mm massimo. [..PDF..]

WR 1.2343 - X38CrMoV5-EFS ESR

Acciaio per lavorazioni a caldo ad impiego universale, si caratterizza per la buona durezza a caldo, l’eccellente tenacità, buona resistenza alla formazione di piro cricche, buona conducibilità termica. [..PDF..]

WR 1.2344 - X40CrMo51

Acciaio adatto a subire la tempra in aria. Possiede discreta stabilità dimensionale al trattamento termico. Mantiene elevata resistenza all’usura fino a temperature prossime ai 600 °C. [..PDF..]

WR 1.2379 - X153CrVMo12

Acciaio ledeburitico al cromo, presenta buone caratteristiche di resistenza all’usura, unitamente ad elevata durezza e buona tenacità relativa. [..PDF..]

WR 1.2714 - 56NiCrMoV7

Acciaio al Ni – Cr – Mo caratterizzato da elevata temprabilità e tenacità, buona resistenza agli urti ripetuti, discreta insensibilità agli sbalzi termici e buona resistenza all’usura.[..PDF..]

WR 1.2842 - 90MnCrV8

Acciaio da utensili per lavorazioni a freddo ad impiego universale, si caratterizza per l’ottimo rapporto durezza / tenacità, resistenza all’usura, eccellente stabilità dimensionale al trattamento termico. [..PDF..]

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